WWF Conservation: Illegal Trade and Endangered Species

Hi there! My name is Vedh Barre. I am 10 years old and  I am  a Helping Ninjas.

What I learned with Gia Grein in the Conservation in the Classroom with World Wildlife Foundation. The talk with WWF Gia  was about illegal animal poaching which is kill a animal and then sell all the parts worth money. And the damage we have don and how we can stop this illegal activity. People In country’s like Africa will kill animal like elephants and take there their tusks and other valuable parts  and sell them on the black market which is a online website disguised as a  normal website but really it is a website where you can buy illegal products and sell them and the seller selling the tusks and parts make money this  is endangering animals across the world and is hurting animals in our environment.

Gia taught our class about this and I think others should know too.

This must stop.

Helping Ninjas, Vedh Barre, Age 10 

WWF Wild In The Classroom with Helping Ninja Vedh’s Class

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