Taking Climate Action

By Siddarth Chavali, Helping Ninja, Age 12

For over a quarter-century climate change has endured depredation on the globe. The contention of this subject has grazed our country for years for money and the actions of humans are the sad truths behind climate change. The utilization of fossil fuel is releasing immense quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere daily.

As you may already apprehend, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas; it absorbs infrared radiation and traps heat. The effects of CO2 are causing pollution and climate to drastically change every year, and as long as the levels are rising the worst it gets. This causes several unpleasant problems including the melting of glaciers, hyperbolic ocean temperature stratification, changes in agricultural productivity, extreme weather conditions, etc. although Fossil fuels may not be the complete reason for this desolation, it’s the major cause and switching from the use of fossil fuels is the only way to resolve the problem. 

The fact that the world has warmed over the last century is unequivocal. Various observations of air and ocean temperatures have shown these changes to be unprecedented over decades. Human influence has been the dominant reason for this determined warming. The intensity, frequency, and length of Atlantic Ocean hurricanes, as because the frequency of the strongest (category 4 and 5) hurricanes have all accumulated since the early 1980s. The relative contributions of human and natural causes to those will increase stay unsure.

Wildfires have sparked and have destroyed habitats and have caused the deaths of many animals. Changes within the climate influence the air we breathe, both indoors and outdoors. The dynamical climate has changed weather patterns, that sufficiently have influenced the degree and spite of outdoor air pollutants such as ground-level gas. Increasing CO2 levels additionally promote the expansion of plants that unharness mobile allergens.

These are just a few issues from hundreds of different major issues caused by climate change. Not only has climate change caused negative effects on the environment, but it has also caused major effects on humans for it has caused diseases, chronic medical conditions, and also the deaths of over 600,000 kids within the age of 1-5. Due to these reasons, climate change is arguably the most consequential problem in human history. 

 “The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that in 2017, the United States emitted 5.1 billion metric tons of energy-related carbon dioxide, while the global emissions of energy-related carbon dioxide which totaled 32.5 billion metric tons,” is stated by USGS. 

In order for these numbers to change we need to take actions to lower carbon emissions. 

In order to take action to face this problem Earth Charter Indiana has started taking steps to help change this problem locally.

Earth Charter Indiana hosted Youth Climate Action Day at the Indiana Statethouse. The organization’s youth and poictacl leaders educated attendees on how they can take action to prevent climate change, mainly focusing on green manufacturing. Switching to things such as electric and hybrid vehicles and energy sources such as solar panels and windmills can make our state more resilient. 

The youth were also educated on how they can switch to these options and how they can write letters to legislators to make a change. 

“We need to refocus and realize that climate action is about protecting our future. So many times we make it an issue of ‘we can have economic success and prosperity or we can have climate protection,’ but we can have both,” Redelman says. “And to a degree, what’s the point of saving X number of dollars without these climate regulations, if we’re not going to have a healthy environment that we can live in?” 

Three of the Helping Ninjas including Leo Berry, Vedh Barre, and myself went on to interview and share our thoughts and questions to two political faces of Indiana including Senator J.D. Ford and Donna Schaibley from the House of Representatives. 

We first set on contacting Senator J.D. Ford where he met us and encouraged us to endeavor to achieve our goal.

Sentaor J.D. Ford

J.D. Ford stated, “I believe the most pressing issue is that we have people who don’t believe that climate change is an issue,” when we asked him on what he believes is the most pressing issue in climate change.  

Jim Poyser, Executive Director of Earth Charter Indiana

In between meeting J.D Ford and Schaibley we also spoke to Executive Director of Earth Charter Indiana Jim Poyser, where we interchanged ideas and goals. 

Poyser stated, “I believe the most pressing issue is the fact that how scary and dangerous climate change is for it’s causing countless problems around the world,” when we asked him on what he believes is the most pressing issue in climate change. 

Poyser and J.D. Ford both believe the youth’s decisions and the spreading awareness will be the most important step to overcome climate change.

We then continued to share our ideas with State Representative Donna Schaibley. 

She did not have a response to the issue of climate change, however, Donna Schaibley stated:

“I believe we should use renewable resources to help the environment,” when being asked on the problems on the environment.

Schaibley also stated that spreading awareness is the most important step to fixing environmental issue, just as we are doing through our work with Helping Ninjas.

In conclusion, I believe that climate change is a major problem that has tormented the lives of hundreds of millions of people. No one person can solve it, however, if we all work together and spread awareness the depredation can stop and the lives of millions of people, animals – and the environment can be saved. 

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