Sweet Ruby Special: Patachou Foundation

Hi I’m A Helping Ninja! I love The Sweet Ruby Special.  It’s like a waffle but a grilled cheese! It tastes sweet and delicious! And what is so cool that when your order it at Cafe Patachou they give your money to help kids that are hungry and can’t afford to eat at the time.  So, I can help kids too to by eating it! I like like dipping the waffle  in the tomato soup. The soup has artichokes for you and they are good for you because they have lots of fiber.  I hope everyone will try the Sweet Ruby Special. Thank you Ruby for your lemonade stand. Because of you, I get to help too!

Helping Ninja, Age 6, Kindergarten, College Wood Elementary


Sweet Ruby Special

The Goal of the Patachou Foundation is to prepare and serve healthy meals to children impacted by homelessness and hunger and increase their awareness, connection and excitement about the whole food they are eating. Read more about the foundation here…http://thepatachoufoundation.org