Playing In the Snow is Good For Kids

Studies show that kids can develop fine motor and sensory skills, just by playing in the snow! And, it stimulates creativity! And cold air is a great lung cleanse! We need oxygen to produce white blood cells that can fight off germs – this is why fresh air is so good for us!

Accept the Helping Ninja Mission and get your help encourage your children to go outside in the snow! Kids love to play in the snow, but not if they are freezing! They won’t last longer then a few minutes if they get snow in their boots, or collars, or pants get wet! So, just be sure they are dressed warm enough, children have smaller bodies then adults, so sometimes need more layers.

101 Snow Games to play with your Kids:

Guidelines To Keep Children Safe in Cold Weather: To learn more about safety guidelines to keep a child warm in the winter, click on any of the link:


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