Streams of Plastic

November 16, 2017

I think it is important to tell the world that if don’t stop littering plastic then most of the fish will be dead in the ocean.  I know now after watching this video what it means that we can not litter anymore and really should stop even using plastic. I want to tell the world to please stop littering bc I like fish and our oceans. 

Helping Ninja, Age 7, 1st Grade, Carmel, IN College Wood Elementary

What I learned from Tapped

November 16th, 2017

I watched the movie Tapped and Streams of Plastic. I learned from the videos we watched is that we need to stop littering and using plastic. And that bottle waters are not really healthy because the water in it is not the water source the company says it is – it like they are tricking us. If we don’t stop using plastic there is gonna be more plastic in the ocean then fish by 2050.  I want to tell  the whole entire world to make it so the whole entire world will never litter again. I think it’s important to share this with my  friends because together we can make the world Green.  And if we can get it done by 2050 will save the fish and I hope we will be a green world. 

Helping Ninja, Age8, 3rd Grade, Westfield, IN, Indiana Montessori Academy

Thanksgiving Basket Delivery

November 10th, 2017

Hi! I am a Helping Ninja and I helped my mom and my aunt deliver Thanksgiving baskets on Saturday to people less fortunate than me. I liked doing it because it made me happy. It made me happy because it was fun to make peoples Thanksgiving happy too because they now have food and stuff when they would not have had before. One lady even wrote me a thank you note. This made me feel good that I did it.

Helping Ninja, Age 8, Carmel, IN, College Wood Elementary


Helping Ninja Misson

Calling all Recycle Detectives!

Help us to Fill in the Blanks to Professor Sage Arbor’s slides! Help us to do detective work to help Professor Arbor!

Food Rescue Mission

November 5, 2017

Hi I’m a Helping Ninja. Today I read online about a place that recycles food! They collect donated left over food that is not used – Food Rescue helps more than 200 caring agencies and 200 restaurants, and 500 schools. That is a lot of saved food! I want to help by sharing about it. I have pictures from their website for you to see and a video about what they do.

Helping Ninja, age 8, College Wood


Learning About Climate Change


November 2, 2027

Hi -Im a Helping Ninja! One day a couple weeks ago at our Recycle Club at school, we had a professor come and talk about Climate Change. I had heard about it before last year in the third grade. I was in a Hurricane Special Group last year and I liked it. I like learning about severe weather everything about it except being in it! We learned that recycling causes less climate change. We learned what we could recycle and couldn’t. We also learned that if we all don’t start pitching in their might be a new ice age could come. I am not really worried about it yet, because there is no one on the news every day saying, “Hey, this is going happen!” But, if the the professor who is a scientist came then maybe it is really possible that this could happen and thats why the professor came to talk about it.  I did like the presentation because it was interesting.  I think its important that we don’t pollute because it is bad for the world.

Helping Ninja, Age 9, Fourth Grade, College Wood Elementary


Recycle Club at School

November 2, 2017

Hi Im a Helping Ninja. I am in a Recycle Club at College Wood Elementary. I like being creative and our club is building a milk carton sculpture for MadebyMilk contest. We collected over 1000 of used milk cartons at school in our cafeteria. We are trying to build a pegasus out of them. We had to rinse them and dry them and then glue and tape them together. Some of the cartons we flattened to make the wings. I think recycling is important because it helps the world.

Helping Ninja, age 9, Fourth Grade, College Wood Elementary

“Tapped” Mission Complete

October 25th, 2017

I just watched the short video Tapped.  It has won a lot of awards.  I learned that bottled water could be poisonous, and we to stop using it and buying immediately. The stuff in the plastic seeps into the water that we drink so the chemicals to make the bottles can get into the water we drink.  There are 29 billion bottled waters bought every year.  This made me sad. Even though it makes me sad, I want to watch the whole movie when it is comes out tomorrow. You can watch it here:

Helping Ninjas, age 8, Carmel, IN, 2nd Grade, College Wood